Saturday, June 8, 2013

Living Room Tour

So we have finished up our projects for the living room and I finally found some time to photograph everything. Our cat, Mister, was in his usual spot (& I didn't have the heart to move him) so you will see him making a appearance in some shots. I am loving how everything turned out! I will go into some of our d.i.y projects for the living room in a separate post for those that are interested. The dining room gallery wall is also finished so I will be working on that post soon(ish?). We have a lot of visitors coming in the next couple of weeks so I will be busy spending time with friends and loved ones but I will get around to that eventually. (There is a sneak peek of the gallery wall in the last photograph if you are just dieing of curiosity, haha!)

So let's start the show with a before shot:

And here is the After:

I will explain more about our house and stuff in the House Tour but basically our house was built in the 1930's and has been a rental property (for mostly college kids) for the last 10ish years, so there is a lot for us to do around the house. Before we moved in we had the carpet tore up (we knew there were hardwood floors underneath and we also knew that they would need to be refinished, badly. For awhile, we will be rockin' the floors as they are...). We also had a handful of rooms painted before we arrived to help cut down on some of the work that needed to be done. We had the living room painted "Natural Gray" by Behr and the trim is a standard white. Ok, enough words... let's get to the pictures...



It's definitely not perfect but it makes us happy! Thanks for stopping by!

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