Friday, June 21, 2013

EASY D.I.Y's in the Living Room

I have been about that D.I.Y life since I was like 13. The thought of changing things to making them how I wanted them to be or replicating expensive things on the cheap just sorta came natural to me. I realize that is not how it goes for everyone. Some people have shared with me that they are super intimidated to change things or try to create things on their own. Not every D.I.Y is hard or complicated- some are really easy! I did some easy living room upgrades that I would love to share with you guys... maybe it will even inspire you to kustomize whatcha got!

First up is our lamp from Target. It had a plain white shade (please excuse the wrinkles...) and it was screaming for a little sumthin' sumthin'. I took some black hem tape and used some fabric glue to adhere it to the lamp shade. It took less than 10 minutes and totally upgraded the lamp!

I used some Washi Tape to add a little interest to my plain white orchid pot. Washi Tape is like too good to be true. SO ADDICTING! Easiest. Project. Ever.

We needed some cute curtain ties on the cheap and I remembered an idea that I saw in my Country Living Magazine. I did the project from memory, so it is not exactly the same as their idea but I guess that's a good thing! I got all the materials at Home Depot and the project came together in less than 20 minutes.

Insert my gold obsession here. I started painting everything gold, including my coffee table. I also painted four pairs of shelf brackets from Ikea. I looooooooove them. (P.S. In the picture the screws on the brackets were rub n' buff-ed but they have since be spray painted... turned out much better, F.Y.I)

The last project is that Campaign inspired Ikea Rast Hack that is making an appearance in that last picture. Ever since Jenny over at Little Green Notebook talked about her love of Rustoleum Enamel Paints in this post, I have been itchin' to give them a try. (We used their Hunter Green and are very pleased.) I also have been dieing to get my hands on an Ikea Rast Dresser for years now so I am so stoked we finally did it!  My husband is super handy so he just kinda took over my hack and did his own thang but if you need a tutorial there is a really great one by For Chic Sake here. I got the brackets and drawer pulls from Home Depot.

Everything is better when you put a little D.I.Y in it!

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