Monday, June 3, 2013

For the Love of Gallery Walls

... more specifically Kate Spade styled gallery walls. In a perfect world I would/ could blog every day (or every other day...) but this Happy Wife has been a very busy lady! Our number 1 project we have been working on is our gallery wall instal in our dining room. I never realized how truly labor intensive a gallery wall is!

I have been collecting  inspirational images, art, frames, ideas etc. etc. for awhile now. I thought this was going to cut down on a lot of the work (and it probably did) but it was still an exhausting project- and we aren't even all the way done! (There is light at the end of the tunnel but there is still some work to do...)

In addition to the gallery wall (picking out what art and images to use, getting the images printed, thrift-ing for frames and then arranging the overall composition) we also put up more shelves in the living room, painted a thrift store chair, finished painting our Ikea Rast Hack and some overall styling too! (I think I could be officially over interior design for a minute.

It will be nice when this little chunk of projects gets done because then I can work on our House Tour.

I am excited to show you guys what we have been up to but to tied you over I will share with you the gallery walls in various Kate Spade spaces that served as my inspiration:


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