Sunday, May 26, 2013

Look Who's A Little Late To The Party...

I know, I know ANOTHER blog?! Just what the interweb needs. Over the years people have suggested to me that I should write a blog… and I always quickly shrugged off the notion. First of all I didn’t think I had anything to contribute to the blogosphere and second of all I didn’t quite understand what a blog really was. I mean I knew what it was but I never really spent much time on any blogs or anything. So I was like B**ch you crazy “Nah.”

Then after I was done obsessing planning our wedding and pouring over Pinterest for wedding stuff- I turned my sights on home décor… this took my obsessing planning to a whole new level. I was introduced to the world of interior design in a way that I had never been before and it also got me hooked on my first blog. John and Sherry over at Young House Love was the first blog that I spent a large amount of time on and whould check back often for updates. Hmm, I was starting to get what this whole blog thing was truly about… ** Welcome to the 21st Century Rachel ** 

From there I got hooked on Caitlin, Jenny, and KristinThose lovely geniuses taught me so much and I became confident that I could turn our old house into something comfortable and maybe even a little pretty to look at.
Then my homies at our local Homegoods told me that I should take a picture of something that I have in my house that I bought from there and submit it to their Instagram . So I was all “Ya, cool- that sounds awesome.” And then this happened:

 I was getting so many questions and so many lovely comments that I thought maybe I do have a little something to contribute to the internet. And besides… school is almost out for the summer and I am about to have a lot of free time on my hands…. 

So, Ladies and Gentlemen- that concludes Happy Wife Living Life's first official blog post! We are currently working on improving our living room so I will be posting about that and I will be working on showing you what we have done to the house so far… Stay Tuned!

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